About us

KarenVoice.net was created with the intention of expressing the unique identity of the Karen people, to document the struggle of the Karen nation, and to introduce the Karen culture and way of life to the world community.

KarenVoice.net will reflect the past, the present and the future of the Karen people in their interactions with neighbors locally as well as globally. Saw Loh Doh, a revered Karen teacher said: "We are the evidence of the past, we are the entity of the present and we are the eternity of the future". As long as this world survives, the Karen will survive.

Despite the fact that the Karen trace their history as far back as 2234 BC, the Karen people have yet to make their mark as nation-builders. World history has very few pages of the Karen and their lives. The name Karen is still unheard of in most modern nations, but the existence of the Karen people is a reality and will remain so.

The world has witnessed empires collapse, dynasties disappear,citizens lose their freedom and minorities in many countries deprived of their birthright. Despite incredible suffering, persecution,oppression and destruction the Karen people have managed, against the odds, to survive up to this present day. What kind of attributes do they possess to hang on? What characteristics are needed for a nation or race to persevere? These are good questions facing many nations today if they are to survive the coming challenges.

KarenVoice.net will share information of the Karen people with the world and at the same time try to learn valuable lessons from the International community.