Finally, the king arose and declared the commencement of the contest...
“In the contest ground there is a pit not too deep. Anyone who dared to plunge into the pit is the winner”.
The contenders were very amazed at the simplicity of the test and smiled secretly at each other. They had tested their courage with more dangerous challenges and they all thought and wondered why the king was so kind and planned such a cinch for them.

The audiences held their breath to see who might appear the victor in this contest. The first prince walked to the test place proudly and when he reached the top of the pit he looked down into the pit. Instead of plunging bravely he hesitated as if seeing something terrible inside the pit.  The scenario changed the behavior of the contenders and caused more suspense for the audiences. They all seemed quite satisfied with the show and a great excitement fell upon the king’s courtyard. The first prince came back with wry face and drooping head, not uttering a word to any one. Then, went prince after prince, noble after noble to the testing place. They all came back with the same mood.

Now it was Po Khai’s turn to go and tried for his chance. Then, went Po Khai to the place with the sound rat tat tat… followed him. When he reached the top of the pit and looked down he abruptly realized what made the other contenders gave up with sorrow and despair. The pit was filled with lances stuck uprightly into the ground; their pointed edges faced the mouth of the pit waiting to tear down any daredevil to death. Even though he was less educated than the others he was wise enough to sense the danger of the foolish stunt. He turned to come back and as he did so the bamboo flung towards the mouth of the pit. It made Po Khai imbalanced and the weight of the bamboo pulled him down into the pit.

There were two different responses came out from this happening. The audiences cheered and applauded because they were very relieved to see that at least they would not lack a king when the present king passed away. For the noble audiences, they all shook their head in unison, thinking that Po Khai was more foolish than they considered him to be and sneered at his stupidity. After the roars and cheers subsided, the king ordered his soldiers to pick Po Khai up. To their surprise, they saw Po Khai lying on the fallen lances without hurting himself a bit, because all the lances were dummy artfully made of paper to look like real weapon. When Po Khai appeared from the pit, wild roar came out again louder than before and clapping from all sides to mark the coronation of Po Khai as the next king… then Po Khai asked for his grandmother to come and stay with him in the palace, thus the story ended happily... 


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